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Use fuzzyARt.net to add the augmented reality (AR) effect to your creativity.

Augmented Reality Gallery:
Use the app as augmented reality gallery and try out paintings, wall tattoos or posters on your walls before you actually order them.

Mind maps and post-its:
Use the AR effect for more creativity during brain storming sessions and take your notes in 3D space.

Use stencil png files for designing breathtaking new fashion.

Interior design:
Try out furniture, carpets, tiling, wallpapers, wall decoration and many more png files for interior design.

AR app development:
Visualize and prototype your thoughts and ideas with this app before you actually start developing an AR app.

- Add image files in your AR space. Using png files transparency can be leveraged.
- Add text in your AR space (currently only Latin alphabet supported).
- Move, rotate and scale the added images and texts using UI controls.
- Save your current gallery locally.
- Load previously saved galleries from a list.
- Save photos of your current view. Use the saved photos for sharing and presentations.
- Rotate around your fixed position to experience the AR effect.

Sometimes it doesn't need to be a high-end solution. The target was to allow a low level augmented reality experience to the majority of smartphone users without the high-end hardware and software requirements.

- XYZ rotation at fixed location

- No heavy AR and VR libraries required.
- There is no camera motion tracking.
- No location tracking.

Hardware requirements:
- Back camera.
- Gyroscope.

Software requirements:
- iOS 9 or later.
- Android 4.1 or later.